March 3, 2020 | R/V Pelican

Not every dive can be cool and exciting. Some days it’s just plain ugh. One of the hazards of operating in the Gulf of Mexico is the plethora of floating lines and nets waiting to grab any passing vessel. R/V Pelican is no exception. And being DSO is not always the most enviable position to… Continue reading March 3, 2020 | R/V Pelican

June 15, 2020 | ONR

  On June 15, 2020, LUMCON three scientific divers operating from a 16′ inflatable dive boat launched from R/V Point Sur in the waters off Gulfport, Mississippi, dropped over the side and slowly descended into the pitch black water to 65fsw. The mission was to locate and retrieve a piece of oceanographic equipment deployed by… Continue reading June 15, 2020 | ONR