• Dead Zone


Scientific Diving in the waters of Louisiana present unique and exciting challenges. Often cold, lightless and murky, with sometimes ripping currents from the unfathomable amounts of water pouring from the Mississippi River every second, diving in the northern Gulf of Mexico is not for the faint of heart. But the rewards are many.

Nearly any site visited by Louisiana Scientific Divers will be the first time ever. The possibilities for human presence research in this environment are unlimited. From dead zones, to the rich biodiversity inhabiting the offshore rigs, to harvestable resources like shrimp, crab and fish, all are within easy reach of Louisiana scientific divers.

The LUMCON Scientific Diving Network is a resource for all scientific divers in the the state of Louisiana to connect, communicate, and pool resources to carry out diving operations in the State’s waters and beyond. LUMCON is a central support system for Consortium members who dive, providing training, assets and planning help. The LUMCON Scientific Diving Network allows members to locate other divers for help, find dive buddies when needed and follow current dive projects. Anyone involved in scientific diving in Louisiana may request participation on the site by contacting the LUMCON Diving Safety Officer at dso@lumcon.edu.